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Save Return Cost

Help you decrease product return rate and save lot of return and storage cost

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Increase Engagement

Engage customer on products by providing them variety to try and choose best to grow sales

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Easy Up Sell & Cross Sell

With more variety and suggestions of realted items which user can try will increase AOV

Industries we work with

We work with many industries to provide them solution based on business need
fashion and apparel - Wonder Shop

Fashion & Apparel

Furniture Wonder Shop


jewellery Wonder Shop


Electronics Wonder Shop


Automobile - Wonder Shop


Education - Wonder Shop


Healthcare - Wonder Shop


Food - Wonder Shop

Food & Restaurant

Gift Wonder Shop


Real Estate - Wonder Shop

Real Estate

Manufacturing - Wonder Shop


Tourism - Wonder Shop



Shopper Interface

User-friendly application with a great design to engage customer and help them choose best

This groundbreaking tech allows users to visualize the size, fit, texture and color of any clothing or apparel accurately before they purchase.
Online shopping has just become super convenient for shoppers through our patent-pending, Augmented Reality Virtual Trial Room. No more worries about color, size, fitting, etc issue & decrease return rate

Brand Interface

Advanced tracking to engage and plan effective marketing campaign

Our advanced tracking will help brands to plan and execute ROI based marketing and sales strategy. Understand which product is getting high impressions, sales and many more data.